“A great experience to further team-based skills as well as improving our ability to engage the brain in a number of ways. A number of the ways of thinking were completely new to me, others were important ways of thinking that we perhaps were already aware of but – do not use enough, or perhaps did not fully appreciate.”
University WA Workshop Participant


“The thinking theory…. was presented close to perfection. I was always just thinking ….but never thought about what happens in my brain and how I can use it to capitalise from it: to think about how we are thinking and how we build knowledge and pathways to wisdom”
Prof R. Seltmann, Natural History Museum, London


 “The ‘gutting the fish exercise’ I found extremely interesting. I’ve never considered the idea of making a mind map of a book in order to extract its core concepts and absorb them in a more efficient manner.”
CET Workshop Participant


“Mind mapping. I have already applied this skill to preparing for my research proposal and I found it extremely valuable”
University WA Workshop Participant

“Thinking types and memory was excellent and the jewel of the course. The lateral thinking exercise was one of the transformative moments”
Dr S. Beresford, Principal Consultant at The Inner Owl


“I thought the course was absolutely fantastic, by far one of the best I’ve attended in the last year or so, the style of delivery and enthusiasm were infectious.  I’ve started implementing quite a few things from the course, and look forward to seeing how they develop I’ve also mentioned and recommended the course to all the academic and industry folk I’ve been in contact with”
Dr M. Munro


“Thanks a lot for the workshop, it was great! You were right, my thinking seems unbounded now”
R. Doutre, Research Student


“I’ve got the result I wanted, but know I do have to work at it and I’m prepared to do this now with the different thought process I’m experiencing”
Kathleen Tarrant, Flying Flowers Pty Ltd


“Thank you for what I found to be an interesting, amusing, comforting and helpful workshop”
Dr A. Ord, Research Professor


I was not aware of the theoretical classification of Thinking Styles and awareness of their connectivity is very helpful; the featured Thinking Tools (enhance and train memory) will help me to work more efficiently”
University WA Workshop Participant