Time Management Through Stress and Energy Control.

By Tim Craske, Thȋnkercafé


Time is a concept created by our own perception.  Research has shown that you can experience more time the more relaxed and positively focused you are.  The inverse is true of extremely busy modern business situations, where our stress levels can often escalate and our perception of time available to get a task done can appear shorter and shorter.

Our perception of time is variable.  In general time appears to pass more quickly the older we become.  For children day to day experiences are so new and stimulating that they are constantly building new neural patterns in their brains, and they perceive time as passing slowly.  Remember if you can how long your first term at high school seamed to last……?

As we get older instead of building new neural pathways our experiences are often more repetitive and we tend to simply reuse existing pathways.  To “stay young”, become more innovative and ultimately make more time for ourselves we should consider constructing new neural pathways by constantly searching out and engaging in new experiences.  This may be achieved by continuing formal and informal education into adulthood.  Informal education includes everything from a trip to a museum, reading non-fiction books, watching documentary films or simply going an overseas holiday.  The well known saying that “travel broadens the mind” could not be more true, as travel is one of the easiest ways to ensure the brain is “exercised” through exposure to new sensory and learning experiences whilst in a relaxed state.

What value the creation of more time if you do not have the energy to make good use of it, due to stress induced fatigue?  Luckily stress reduction is another benefit of holidays.  However, for those of us unable to take regular overseas trips, relaxation and enduring stress relief can be enjoyed in many ways without leaving home.  For example this can be achieved through engaging in a creative hobby.  Deep relaxation and quieting of the mind leading to improved concentration, focus, memory and a “slowing down of time” can also achieved using some martial arts techniques and mindful meditation.

So if you are stressed and constantly feel you are running out of time, try slowing down, relaxing and become more mindful of the situation as it actually is….you may well get more done.

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